Phoenix Suns Sing All Night Long (Video)

Phoenix Suns Sing All Night LongIt’s good to see a team having fun together.  The Suns are no exception.  Everyone who loves excitement and scoring in basketball has been relieved to see the Suns return to the up-tempo style of play that earned their offense the nickname “7 seconds or less”.  Although they haven’t gone entirely back to that philosophy, they have clearly abandoned the slow-down game they were trying to embrace last season.

The up-tempo game clearly plays to Nash and Stoudemire’s strengths, but maybe there is something going on in the locker room that has helped this team right the ship.  Steve Nash has always been a goofy guy, but now the rest of the team seems to be embracing the silliness.  This music video they made may be a small peek into what has become a great clubhouse chemistry.  That chemistry has been contributing to their success as much as anything.  With Marion and his whining gone, Shaq out of town, and now Amare seemingly settled with his situation in Phoenix, this team is coming together and showing it on and off the court.

Now to say that a group of grown men singing “All Night Long” like a bunch of idiots is the equivalent of team chemistry would be foolish, but it is evidence of a greater change going on  with that team.  They sure sound terrible though, right?  I mean they definitely shold not be quitting their day jobs, that’s for sure.

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