Even Genie From Aladdin Mocks Tiger Woods

Even Genie From Aladdin Mocks Tiger WoodsThe Tiger Woods mockery continues to pile up.  Yesterday we brought you the re-dubbed version of those old commercials with Tiger talking to his driver cover.  While this one is a little less vulgar, its equally as funny.  This video comes to us from Disney’s California Adventure theme park.  Apparently at the park they have stage musicals of many great Disney hits, including Aladdin.

We all remember the annoying genie from Aladdin voiced by Robin Williams.  He made pop culture references back then and he continues to do so in the stage musical version of the movie.  In this video he makes fun of Tiger’s string of affairs around the 1:15 mark by saying he had to tell Tiger Woods 50 times he couldn’t grant wishes to make girls fall in love with him.

It seems unlikely that this scandal will go away anytime soon.  I’m not talking about the actual scandal itself, because eventually Tiger will settle things with his family (be it by divorce or reconciliation) and will return to the links.  In terms of leaving the public consciousness, I don’t think it will ever go away.  It seems likely we will be hearing Tiger Woods sex jokes for many years to come.

Hat Tip Video – [Sports by Brooks]

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