Redneck Mudhole Water Skiing (Video)

Redneck Mudhole Water SkiingSometimes in our day-to-day life as Americans, we forget about the real America.  The hilariously backwards, ignorant, redneck America.  Now I’m not trying to badmouth my southern brethren, they are as American as apple pie.  And without them, we wouldn’t have great events like mudhole water skiing or monster truck rallies.

I’m not sure this really counts as a sport, although the hillbilly towards the end of the video has dreams of making it a national sport.  These rednecks from South Carolina have set up a Backhoe in the middle of this giant mudhole.  They attached some kind of cord from the end of the shovel to a handle that the skier holds onto.  Then the machine starts to spin around, dragging the skier through the mud.  The first thought that comes to mind is “Yee-haw” followed shortly thereafter by “what are these idiots thinking?”

For as much criticism as rednecks take, though, this actually seems pretty fun.  I can’t say I wouldn’t try it if my friends had set up this mud-skiing apparatus.  I doubt it will ever be a mainstream sport or anything, but it sure seems fun.  Until the machine starts moving too slowly or quickly of course.  Then you either wind up airborne or flat in the mud.

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