Roy Halladay Writes Thank You Letter in Toronto Newspaper

Roy Halladay Writes Thank You Letter to City of Toronto

Roy Halladay may be one of the greatest pitchers of this generation.  In fact, it’s almost a certainty that he is one of the greatest.  He has only one huge blemish on his resume.  After 12 years in Major League Baseball, he has not pitched in a single playoff game.  This is not an indictment against the Toronto Blue Jays organization.  They are in a tough division with some free-spending big-market teams and it is very difficult to compete in that situation.  Regardless of the reasoning, however, most people would be only too happy to get out of a situation like that.

Halladay has a career 3.43 ERA and is 148-76 with a Cy Young Award and a handful of all-star appearances.  When he was traded to Philly in a deal that included shipping the great Cliff Lee out of town, most baseball experts and fans reacted the same way: thinking about what a good opportunity this was for a great pitcher to get a chance to show his stuff on the October stage.  Halladay proved yet again that he is a class act, however.  He took out this full page ad in the Toronto Sun to thank the city of Toronto for its years of support and loyalty to him.

You can’t help but pull for a guy like Halladay, whose class shines through in this great open letter to his faithful fans in Toronto.  We should all wish him the best of luck in Philly and hopefully he’ll get an opportunity to have his name written in the annals of baseball playoff history.

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