Female Basketball Player Claudia Lampe is Smoking Hot

Claudia Lampe

Claudia Lampe Porras may be the sexiest female basketball player ever.  Generally a woman who is 6 foot 2 doesn’t appeal to most men, and women associated with basketball (besides cheerleaders of course) are generally thought of as too manly for a man to be attracted too.  The WNBA is a great example.  There is not one woman in that entire sinking league that is even remotely considered a sex symbol.  Claudia may be the exception to that rule, however.

Claudia did some modeling before she entered the world of women’s college basketball, playing for a few years on UTEP.  She then went to Denmark to try her hand at pro ball, but has now given that up to return to modeling in Bolivia.  Judging by these pictures, she would be a much better model than basketball player, but why wouldn’t the WNBA give her a shot?  She was obviously good enough to play pro ball somewhere, and while the level of play in the WNBA is high, its not like they can’t spare a few dollars to have her sit on the end of a bench.

It seems unlikely that she will get a shot now, but I don’t think its necessarily sexist to say that I would rather go to a horribly boring sporting event if there was an attractive woman in it.  I know girls do it all the time.  My girlfriend alone will tune in to baseball games just to check out the players asses.  The Claudia to the WNBA campaign is a cause we can get behind.  Hell, anything with Claudia is a cause I can get behind.

Hat Tip – [Sports By Brooks]

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