High Schooler James Wilder Jr. Runs Over 3 Tacklers at Once

High Schooler James Wilder Jr. Runs Over 3 Tacklers at OnceThe thing that makes high school football highlights so great is that one kid that is twice as big and 5 times as fast as all the other kids on the field.  This clear physical advantage creates some insanely fun plays to watch.  Its also a little cheapened by the disparity in physical talent.  It makes you say things like “well of course he could do that, he’s huge” (remember that 6 year old that was just laying kids out?) This highlight is not that kind of highlight.

Sure, this kid James Wilder Jr. is faster and bigger than the other kids on the field.  But in terms of pure strength and willpower, he goes above and beyond your run-of-the-mill bigger high school kid.  He breaks a run up the middle and gets to the second level, where he is met by three oncoming defenders at exactly the same time.  Now maybe he has a couple inches on them and a bit more strength, but he literally runs over all 3 of them at once like he is some sort of semi-truck.

Wilder Jr. is the son of former NFL running back James Wilder.  Oh and in case you were thinking this came against some scrub high school, think again.  This play took place in the Florida 5A State Final against Manatee, the team that shut down the defending National Champions just one week earlier.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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