Tiger Woods New Sponsor: Trojan Condoms

Tiger Woods New Sponsor: Trojan CondomsYou know what, before we start mocking Tiger Woods again with this hilarious fake ad campaign, can we just acknowledge that this might actually be a good idea?  I mean, I’ll admit its a hilarious good idea that may be more funny than actually good, but still, it could work.  If I’m a condom company, who better to sponsor for my product than a man who has apparently slept with countless women and (so far) has no diseases or kids to show for all his hard work?

I’m getting as sick of the Tiger Woods story as you are, but something keeps me glued to it no matter how hard I try to avoid it.  Something about a great American role model tumbling so far in such a hilarious way (10 women?  I mean come on, that’s a bit much, right?) has me addicted to this story.  Not to mention the amazing opportunity for people all across the world to keep tabs on the story and mock Tiger using the internet, TV , and other mediums, and this story is the perfect storm.

With all his sponsors slowly making distance between themselves and Tiger, this fake ad was very clever.  And if it wasn’t for Tiger probably not being too amused with the slogan, it would make a lot of sense.  And don’t worry, we’ll keep the hilarious Tiger mockeries coming since we know you can’t resist them.

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