Top 10 Embarrassing Sports Moments of 2009 (Video)

Top 10 Embarrassing Sports Moments of 2009Sportscenter did its Top Ten Embarrassing Sports moments of 2009 this past week, and I have to tell you, they aren’t all that embarrassing for the most part.  They are fun to watch though.  In general, a player having a hissy fit over a bad call really isn’t that embarrassing in a lot of situations.  For instance, in #6, when Carlos Zambrano pretty clearly gets the player out at the plate and the ump mistakenly calls him safe, Z had every right to flip out  (okay, I’m a Cubs fan, so obviously I’m a bit biased).

Of course the #1 lowlight of the 2009 sports season was our old friend Elizabeth LambertHer antics on the soccer field during a women’s soccer game were despicable and awesome at the same time.  While she later apologized for her actions, after watching the clips again, its hard to take her apologies seriously.  My other favorite is the Brian Kenny-Floyd Mayweather “interview”.  In a vacuum its not all that funny, but when you think about it, Kenny is damn lucky that he was doing that interview via satellite, because Floyd looked like he was going to knock someone out in frustration.

As years go, this one was no better or worse than any other recent year.  The Lambert moment was classic and of course Henry’s famous handball will never be forgotten.

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