Hot Bengals Cheerleader Sues ‘TheDirty’ Over STD Allegations

Sarah JThe internet has created an interesting atmosphere that is positive in many ways.  It has given people a voice and cracked the monopoly that mainstream media has had on news for 100s of years.  The problem with the stranglehold being broken is that anyone can print just about anything on the webs and have it read by 100s, 1000s, and even millions of people without any real regulation.  While most stories about hot chicks are welcomed by this author, this story about a Bengal cheerleader, while somewhat funny, is most certainly not welcome.

Different sites have posted speculation about many famous personalities and been held responsible to varying degrees, however for the most part those were blown out of proportion.  For instance, the story about Raul Ibanez that circulated the internet earlier with a title that some interpreted implied he used steroids led to serious questions about blogs.  the thing about that story was that the actual story was not making any wild accusations and was instead a statistical analysis of Ibanez’s roller coaster career numbers.

This Bengals cheerleader has a far better case for being upset. published a “story” today alleging a Bengals cheerleader has numerous STDs based on some sort of rumor that the man she was dating had STDs.  The story is not well-written or well-thought out and is reflects poorly on all blogs out there trying to be legitimate voices on different topics.

The cheerleader is suing and in all honesty its hard to side with them.  Especially after reading the unsubstantiated and poorly written post.  The Dirty has been around for a while and has a large readership, and there is no reason for these kind of stunts.  The least they could have done was call it a rumor.  Just terrible.

Hat Tip – [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

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