Huge Hit in Hockey Game Leaves Player Bloodied (Video)

Huge Hit in Hockey Game Leaves Player BloodiedHockey is a great game, eh?  The face-shattering hits, love from the pope, amazing skillful goals, and poor officiating resulting from the language barriers in an international competition.  Wait, what?  If that last one sounded a bit strange to you, don’t be alarmed, it is strange.  Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened last night in the World Junior Championships.

Slovakia played the United States in a game last night for the World Juniors.  Despite getting in a bit of a hole early in the game, the US team clawed its way back and eventually won by a large margin, 7-3.  That wasn’t the big story of the night though.  The story was Jason Zucker’s huge hit on Martin Stajnoch, which ended with Stajnoch’s face a bloody mess.  Although it was a good clean hit (arguably), the US player was thrown out of the game.  Except for one problem.  The player thrown out wasn’t Zucker, it was instead Tyler Johnson who wasn’t involved in the play at all.

Johnson’s explanation said it all.  He was being ejected and he tried to explain to the referees that he was the wrong guy but due to the language barrier with the international zebras, they didn’t understand and tossed him anyways.  I guess all us Americans look alike to international refs.

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