Moroccan Referee Knocked Out by Soccer Ball (Video)

Khalid RamsisThere are moments when we are reminded of the dangers that officiators face when stepping onto a field of play.  A Moroccan football referee recently demonstrated this with stunning accuracy during a league match between DHJ El Jadida and FUS Rabat.  During the game Khalid Ramsis was struck in the head by a volley from visiting midfielder Fussiste Souiyat.  The shot knocked the referee unconscious and causes quite a stir on and off field.  Khalid suffered from serious head and neck injuries and was rushed to the hospital after receiving first aid on the field.  Play stopped shortly after the impact as players, officials and medical personnel rushed to the downed referee.

It seems to me that the neck injuries were probably exacerbated by all the people trying to move him on the field.  I’m no doctor but I reckon that isn’t the best thing to do after a person is knocked unconscious by a speeding hunk of synthetic leather.

It’s moments like this that make me even happier to just be a spectator.  Between all the balls flying at your head and the grievous head and neck injuries, I think I’m better off in the stands or looking through the screen.  Catch the video below to do the same and see it for yourself from the safe, warm glow of your computer.  Catch the point of impact at the 11 second mark. For more knock out action, be sure to check this out.

Hat Tip Video – [DailyMail]

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