Belarus Women’s Basketball Team Pose For Sexy Calendar

These pictures are pretty much the death knell for the theory that all female basketball players are unattractive.  sure the WNBA doesn’t have a whole lot of lookers in the traditional sense (or any sense really), but at the college level and the international level, there are clearly some beauties out there that are failing to be recognized.  The Belarus Ladies Basketball team is the latest in a string of sexy women in basketball.

I don’t know much about these women, but in the past unearthing gorgeous women in basketball has been difficult.  It is tough to tell how attractive they are when they are wearing their basketball gear and even when one is found, its just one.  The Belarus team appears to be littered with beautiful women.  All 12 women on the team are posing for different months and they all are attractive on some level, though admittedly some are more so than others.

Why can’t the WNBA find these women?  Is the level of play so high and the feminism so stubborn that the league and the women themselves can’t try to profit off of their looks?  My argument stands that these women probably would have a shot in the league talent-wise to at least sit on the bench, but that might be enough to sell extra tickets.

I mean, I would definitely go see the Belarus team play, but I have never been to a Phoenix Mercury or Chicago Sky game.  Enough said.

Hat Tip – [Funtasticus]

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