Science Proves Drew Brees Throws The Perfect Pass (Video)

Science Proves Drew Brees Throws The Perfect Pass

If you have any interest in the NFL at all, you have heard of Drew Brees.  He has dominated football at the quarterback position for the last several years.  Last season he became just the 2nd player to throw for over 5,000 yards in a season (Dan Marino being the other of course).  He may actually be having his best season ever this year, though.  He has already earned “Stat Line of the Night” honors.  He also has 34 touchdowns, only 11 interceptions and has thrown for 4,388 yards so far.  He also has an unbelievably high completion percentage, with over 70% of his passes being caught.

That was all information you knew, or could have found out doing some simple research.  Turns out he’s better than those stats would even indicate though.  The show  “Sports Science” did the show that is featured in this clip, and it seeks to prove whether a pro NFL quarterback is more accurate than an Olympic archer.  The answer may be skewed a bit since they picked arguably the most accurate passer of our generation.  With Olympic archers hitting the 4.8″ bulleye less than 50% of the time, Drew Brees had no problem passing that percentage.  And by no problem I mean he hit 10/10 right on the bullseye area and 4/10 directly on the middle point.

Is Drew Brees perfect?  Maybe not, but according to “Sports Science”, his ball has the exact amount of velocity and rotations, with just the right amount of wobble, to be nearly flawless.

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