Habs Georges Laraque In Trouble Over Sexy Alcohol Ad

georges-laraque-vs-octane-girls-adsGeorges Laraque of the Montreal Canadiens (who makes up one-third of the oreo line) often has a problem staying out of trouble on the ice.  The big bruiser usually finds himself making frequent visits to the penalty box, but now he has got himself in a bit of hot water over a recent commercial appearance that involved some scantily clad females, hockey sticks, and a few cans of Octane 7.0.

The commercial features five buxom, big breasted women who spend a solid 30 seconds performing some sexually suggestive stretches before getting their hands on some wood…hockey sticks that is.

That’s when Laraque steps in to show off his stone-hands, but the NHL has not taken kindly to his appearance in the ad.  According the the league’s collective bargaining agreement, no player can sponsor or endorse an alcoholic beverage, and Octane 7.0 is included on that list with its 7% alcohol content.

According to Laraque, he was not aware of what the commercial was for when he arrived on set for the shoot, and only agreed to take part in it because of the lucrative payday if offered, which he planned to donate to charity.  A hot day of street hockey with some hot females and it is all for charity.  If there was ever a reason for the NHL to bend the rules a bit, this sounds like the perfect time.

Laraque has since apologized.  No apology needed here Georges.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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