Buffalo Bills Fans Create Weird Beer Bong (Video)

Buffalo Bills Fans Create Weird Beer BongNFL fans are crazy all over, and Buffalo fans may have just made a case for being the craziest.  They have created the ultimate in tailgating equipment.  The item?  A beer bong made from a dummy.  But it gets better.

If you watch the video you will see these strange tailgating fans as they partake in the new ritual.  Basically how it works is that santa pours a beer into the funnel that goes into the black dummy’s mouth (don’t ask me why it’s black).  Then the beer makes its way through the dummy and comes out a tube that is sticking out from inside its pants.

I’m not entirely sure why anyone would want to drink beer out of a black guy’s crotch, or any guys crotch, unless they were gay or just plain strange, and Bills fans are possibly both.  I’m not sure if there is any tailgating favor that could top this one.  It is epic.

The Bills have had a tough season but I wouldn’t say things have sunk so far as to require their fans to go down on a black dummy just to get drunk.  I guess needing to and wanting to are two different things.  No one needs to wear a green man suit either, but they keep popping up everywhere.

Thanks to loyal reader James from Niagara who sent us this great video.

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