Hot Archer Shoots Bow and Arrow With Her Feet

Hot Chick Shoots Bow and Arrow With Feet

I’m not an archery enthusiast and I’m guessing that most people would say the same about themselves.  Maybe you tried it a few times at summer camp as a child, maybe you’ve never held a bow and arrow in your life.  either way I think it is pretty clear that it is a difficult skill to possess.  The amount of hand-eye coordination, strength, focus and all-around skill needed to be successful in that sport is way beyond the capacity of most people.  Having said that, take a look at this picture.

The woman in the picture is not only attractive (I mean I can’t see her face that well but that body is not bad at all), but also even more skilled than most archery fanatics.  Although there is no way to tell whether the arrow she is trying to fire will hit its target, she seems to have pretty good form and the fact that she can even hold the bow and arrow like that in that position is crazy.  She is doing some kind of handstand while keeping her eyes up so she can aim the arrow.  Impressive.  Definitely more of a gymnast than gymnast than that backflipping guy was.

I’m not sure this woman will be winning any archery competitions, but she has definitely won my heart.  Does anyone have her number?  Interested in more flexible girls, check out these 25 Flexible Gymnasts.

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