Letterman’s Top Ten Wizards Gun Explanations (Video)

Letterman's Top Ten Wizards Gun Explanations

The incident that occurred in the Wizards locker room during the holiday season is fast becoming the butt of many jokes.  While it still remains unclear what actually happened, some details are mostly certain.  Gilbert Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittenton got into some sort of argument about a gambling debt and guns were pulled in the heat of the moment.  Some reports have shots being fired, while others make it seem like both had guns and it was some sort of Mexican standoff.  Either way it is bad news for the NBA’s image and good news for us sarcastic sports fans.

David Letterman is one such sports fan, and he has his own show basically devoted to mocking everything and everyone.  Gilbert and the Wizards are no exception to that.  Letterman, famous for his Top Ten lists over the past couple decades, decided to devote last night’s to the gun incident.  He did the top ten explanations for what happened, and they are really funny.

Although there a few duds, this list is great for the most part.  By far the best explanation for the gun incident in his list is “Two players can’t pull guns over a locker room gambling dispute? What is this, Russia?”  There are other good ones too like “Team recently signed an exclusive endorsement deal with Smith and Wesson” or “Sick of Tiger getting all the attention”.  I’m pretty sure that Gilbert won’t be doing anymore NBA commercials for a while.

Hopefully for our two heroes Arenas and Crittenton, this whole thing will turn out to be a big misunderstanding.  Although no matter how “misunderstood” they might be, it probably is a bad idea to have firearms in an NBA locker room.  What is it with pro athletes and guns? Just saying.

Hat Tip Video – [Ball Don’t Lie]

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