NBA Jam to Return for Wii

NBA Jam to Return for WiiYes, that NBA Jam.  Possibly the greatest arcade game of my childhood (though respect goes out to X-Men and of course NFL Blitz) will be returning to consoles everywhere soon.  EA is announcing that they have acquired the rights to the game and will be putting out a new version of NBA Jam exclusively for Wii.  This announcement is awesome for classic gamers like myself, and of course people looking for something to do other than ride the vomit machine.

While games in this decade have continued to become more and more “realistic”, something has been lost from the original purpose of a video game which was to take you to an unrealistic but fun place.  NBA Jam had that quality, from the rim-rattling dunks to the flaming basketballs, this game was surreal in how it was played.  I’m not sure what EA intends to do with it or what changes will be made from the original Midway version, but its exciting to say the least.  I hope it includes some crazy codes to unlock hidden players.  Remember you could be Bill Clinton and Will Smith?  Hopefully in this version you could be Barack Obama or some jerk off from Twilight.

Besides being an amazing development that the game will be returning, it also gave ESPN an opportunity to look at some of the secrets of the old NBA Jam by interviewing its creator, Mark Turmell.  From the Pippen Jinx, Jordan and Payton, and the Pack-a-Shaq, its worth a look at the article just to hear the crazy stories about the old game.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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