Spinning Hillbilly Racing Sure to Cause Elicit Nausea (Video)

Spinning Contraption Sure to Elicit NauseaI’m not sure what this thing is or how exactly it works, but I’m guessing it won’t become too popular with most folks.  I’m talking about the spinning vomit chair of course!  These characters have managed to rig up some sort of contraption to the back of a 4-wheeler that spins at a fast speed when the quad moves even a little bit.  Then they attached a chair to it and walla: you have your spinning vomit chair.  We are learning that people love creating crazy contraptions, like the black dummy beer bong.

What’s craziest about this thing, besides that it is conceptually just a way to get someone to throw up, is that when the quad moves very slowly the chair spins at super speed.  That means if the driver of the vehicle even accidentally steps on the gas a little bit, that thing is going to spin so fast that you might lose more than just your lunch.

I know I know.  At amusement parks they have spinning contraptions all the time and those can be very popular.  The thing about those is that they are operated at the same speed by the same people every time.  In this little ride that’s been created, who exactly would you trust to drive you?  Most of my friends would probably just step on the gas and laugh.  I know I would.  Maybe it could be like a new rodeo event.  It can’t be much different than riding a bronco or something.

Hat Tip – [Jalopnik]

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