White Boy Trevor Ferguson Wins Dunk Contest (Video)

White Boy Trevor Ferguson Wins Dunk ContestA high school dunk contest is won by the most creative and athletic person in the contest.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal right?  I mean there is one in all 50 states every single year, how does the contest become news?  Maybe if a backboard was shattered that would be something, but this was just a run of the mill dunk contest.  It becomes news when Yahoo Sports decides to report the story in a very strange way.

Rivals High, Yahoo’s look at high school basketball scouting, decided that the story of the kid who won the Oregon state dunk contest should be titled “White Kid Wins Dunk Contest”.  I’m not sure why the writer felt the need to report it in such an odd way, but there you have it.  Besides the racial issues that arise, its just a very weird title.

Trevor Ferguson, the 6-6 senior from Oregon City, is the senior who won the contest.  If you watch the video, his dunks are somewhat impressive for a high school kid.  His interview after the contest was even more entertaining though.  After watching him talk, I can almost understand the title of the article.  He is literally the nerdiest, whitest (whatever that means) kid I have ever seen.

So in the “battle” of black vs. white, I don’t think this ranks as much of a victory, no matter how much Yahoo would have us believe it does.  It does mark some subtle racism, however, so there’s that.

Trevor Ferguson hammers his way to the LSI Slam Dunk Championship

Hat Tip Video – [Rivals High]

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