Gold Medal Winning U.S. Junior Hockey Team’s Winning Chant

Gold Medal Winning U.S. Junior Hockey Team's Winning ChantYou thought you were excited about the U.S. Junior National Team ending Canada’s 5-year championship streak last night?  Well you should see how excited the kids that actually won it are.  This video features the heroes from last night celebrating in the locker room.  It’s fun to see people at any level win a title and celebrate like kids, especially when they still are kids.

For these kids, the scene is perfect.  They won as a team and they celebrated as a team.  They are sitting in the locker room all around one table.  One of the players is shouting out a chant while the rest repeat the lines in unison.  There are a couple of great lines, like “USA Hockey is do or die!!”  The best is the end, though, where the leader screams “Take the Gatorade in your glass!  We just kicked your f#$%ing ass!!”

Anyways, this win was huge for U.S. Hockey in general.  It shows that the next generation of American hockey players won’t be pushed around by the Canadians any longer.  They are a solid strong team and obviously have strong ties to each other going forward.  Can this group of youngsters bring back an Olympic gold medal to the U.S. in the coming years?  Only time will tell, but for now, they deserve to celebrate like the team that they are.

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