Human “Monkey King” Scales Tall Buildings Like a Primate

The Monkey King

Climbing buildings is considered a sport in some countries, and no building climber has quite mastered the art since the fictitious Spiderman.  The difference of course is that this Indian man is no character from a comic book, he is a real live person.  The way he moves around in this video on buildings is phenomenal.  While most of us are looking forward to the return of classic arcade games, this man is doing something far different.

The man appropriately nicknamed “Monkey King” was not always scaling buildings.  He was once so poor and his life so hard that he contemplated suicide.  Instead of doing that though, he took up this crazy sport.  Thank god he did.  Not only did it save his life, but it brought us the chance to see the amazing feats that he could accomplish with nothing more than his hands, feet, and a tremendous sense of balance.

He claims to have studied Spiderman, but mostly the moves of monkeys as they climbed trees and walls.  He literally moves like a monkey and it is most impressive.  Unlike other building-climbers, the Monkey King has had no formal training, with his skill being completely self-taught.

I’m not sure what future there is for this man in building climbing, but regardless it has given his life purpose and for that we should be grateful.  I mean its way more of a sport than vomit-chair riding, right?  Oh and to get to see a man literally act like a monkey.

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