Jet Boat Almost Spears Field Attendant (Video)

Jet Boat Almost Spears Field AttendantWhile its unclear what sport is exactly occurring here, it is clear that it happens at high speeds and is extremely dangerous.  Obviously that means we love it.  Based on the video, it seems to be some sort of racing on narrow streams in a jet-boat of some sort.  Either way it looks really fun.  It’s been an odd week for sports I’ve never heard of, ranging from vomit-chair riding to building climbing.

Thankfully for us, the operator of this jet-boat allowed someone to attach a camera to the boat as it raced throw the narrow streams.  It looks like it is some sort of crazy course set up for the boat to run through.  Since the streams are so narrow, it would be impossible for the boats to race simultaneously, though they could jsut be trying to beat each other’s respective times.

Anyways, as fun and crazy as the sport looks inside the lines, once it goes outside is when things get really exciting.  In this clip, the jet-boat flies out of control, zipping over some land before crashing into a wire fence.  If you look closely as it skids into the fence, the boat almost spears one of the field attendants watching the race.  Thank god it didn’t hit him at that speed, because you would have to think the damage would be immense.

This sport seems crazy and I’d love to learn more about it.  In the meantime, everyone involved had better be wearing a lot of safety gear.

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