Vintage Roberto Alomar McCain: “Catch The Taste!” (Video)

Vintage Roberto Alomar McCain Catch The Taste!Apparently this clip has been making its way around the internet for a while now, but its too funny to pass up an opportunity to share it here.  Roberto Alomar, former Blue Jay great and Hall of Fame hopeful was the pitchman for McCain Punch once upon a time.  The only thing better than a goofy commercial featuring a professional athlete is a vintage one from years ago.

Personally I’m not familiar with this brand of punch, but supposedly it is so popular in Canada that Alomar still gets stopped in the street by Canadians and asked to recite his famous line, “Catch the Taste!”  The commercial is from 1994, but people from Toronto can’t get enough of it, still obsessing over the product and the pitchman to this very day.

In other Alomar news, he is probably very disappointed today at the Hall of Fame snub he got.  He was more than just a great pitchman, he was one of the greatest players of the last 25 years in baseball.  He belongs in the Hall of Fame and hopefully the voters see that this is the case in future years.  Either way, I always say “Catch the Taste”, so don’t forget it!

Hat Tip Video – [Big League Stew]

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