Philadelphia Eagles Employee Spits on the Dallas Star (Video)

Philadelphia Eagles Employee Spits on the Cowboys StarPhiladelphia fans never cease to amaze me.  Their crude, negative nature makes them the butt of many jokes, but there is a certain amount of jealousy in our mocking.  I mean for instance, don’t you wish you had an opportunity to spit on your rival’s biggest symbol?  Or better yet, that if you had the opportunity, you could take it?

This incident is similar to the others.  A Philly fan does something despicable either in support of his team, or worse, to boo his team.  In this case, the fan was actually an employee of the Eagles.  He was the head writer for the Eagles official website and his name is Dave Spadaro.  He actually went onto the Cowboys field with a camera and filmed himself spitting on the giant star at midfield not once, but twice.

He has written a formal apology to the Cowboys, essentially begging that they don’t use this incident as extra motivation for Saturday night’s huge playoff matchup.  Spadaro expects to be punished by the organization for his transgression, but should anyone really expect any less from a true Philly fan?

Oh and let’s be honest, I doubt the Cowboys need any added motivation to beat their hated rival who unceremoniously eliminated them from contention last season.

Hat Tip Video – [Pro Football Talk]

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