Mike Tyson Airport Takedown Video Released

Mike Tyson Airport Takedown Video Released

Last November news surfaced that Mike Tyson had been led away in handcuffs from LAX after an incident with a photographer in one of the airport’s ticket counter lines.  At the time the story that came out was that the photog was bothering Tyson and Tyson claimed that he was acting in defense of his 10-month old girl that was traveling with him.  Well it turns out the video evidence from the incident tells a completely different story.

In general, I am not sympathetic with paparazzi bothering celebrities.  As evidenced in my coverage of the incident in November, I believe that the photographer got what he deserved.  The video shows another tale though.  Tyson was walking along followed by the paparazzi holding a video camera.  Tyson didn’t seem to mind or even acknowledge him at first, but after passing through what appeared to be some kind of security checkpoint, he turned and yelled to the video guy that he couldn’t come past the point.  The video camera guy stood there for a second, which apparently was enough to provoke Tyson to run at him and crack him in the face.

Have fun in jail, Mr. Tyson.  It seems pretty clear that this incident is a violation of his probation.

Hat Tip Video – [Jersey Chaser]

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