This is Why You Don’t Play Indoor Soccer on Hardwood (Video)

This is Why You Don't Play Indoor Soccer on HardwoodThe gruesome soccer injuries are starting to pile up lately.  Just watch that referee get knocked out by the ball in the middle of a match.  Now we have another head injury, though this one occurred in a far less athletic setting.

I don’t personally play soccer, but I can tell you just from looking at the video that this incident occurred at the equivalent of a pick-up basketball game at the Y then any sort of professional match.  The players are all slow and have poor ball-handling skills.  They also look a bit older than you would expect from pros, seeing as how more than half of the people in the video are balding.

None of that takes away from the painfulness of the injury though.  While the player is trying to control the ball and possibly make some sort of move, he steps on the ball, rolls his ankle a bit and his head smashes into the ground.  The toughest part about it is not watching it happen, but hearing the loud smacking sound as his head crashes into the hardwood floor.  That man either needs a helmet and possibly full-body safety equipment, or more likely he should probably stop playing altogether.  Being a klutz in indoor soccer can be a very dangerous and painful thing.

Hat Tip Video – [Dirty Tackle]

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