Coach Nick Saban Cracked in Face By Gatorade Cooler (Video)

Coach Nick Saban Cracked in Face By Gatorade CoolerThe college football national championship was on last night, in case you hadn’t heard.  Unfortunately for people tuning in to see a good game, the first 3 quarters were a bit of a dud.  Spoiler alert for those who don’t know yet, Nick Saban‘s Crimson Tide captured the national title with a 37-21 victory over the hobbled Longhorns of Texas.  As is customary after a win of this magnitude, the coach on the winning team gets a celebratoryGatorade bath from his players.  Nick Saban’s bath, however did not seem celebratory at all.

Instead of sneaking up slowly and quietly behind him, the Bama players with the Gatorade ran at him full speed and poured the Gatorade all over him, but not before hitting him in the face with the cooler full force.  I doubt he cracked his skull or anything, but it was not just a little tap either.  While Saban is a relatively likable guy, this wasn’t his finest moment.  I mean in terms of winning a second title with a second team, it was great moment, but he seemed more pissed off than Elmer Fudd after getting fooled by Bugs for the millionth time.

At first Saban was a bit dazed, but then he clearly appeared angry about the situation.  He didn’t really seem hurt, maybe he just didn’t want his nice white shirt colored pink.  Either way congratulations to the Tide and hopefully Nick took a nice long REAL bath after the game.

Hat Tip Video – [Buster Sports]

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