Fallic Symbol Interesting Choice to Support Team

Fallic Symbol Interesting Choice to Support Team

Besides about a 15  minutes stretch from the end of the 3rd quarter until the middle of the 4th, the national championship game last night was not great.  Colt McCoy, Texas’s start quarterback, went out early.  Although his replacement Gilbert found his legs in the 2nd half, it was far too late.  The crushing loss of their star quarterback didn’t stop the Texas fans from cheering on their team, however.  How they chose to cheer on their team is what concerns me.

This Longhorns fan appears to be in the midst of a group of Alabama fans but is content to show her support with a giant balloon-hat made of orange and white balloons and in the shape of a…wait, what?  Is that hat the shape of a penis?  I think it pretty clearly is.  I’m not going to describe in detail what makes me think that, but hopefully you can figure it out.  The question is, did she do that on purpose, or are we all just so sick that that is immediately what we see?  Regardless I don’t think this story quite tops the penis-workout story, but it comes awfully close.

Either way it is an interesting way for her to support her team.  As long as she can keep the balls out of her eyes, I guess it should be okay.

Hat Tip Image – [Deadspin]

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