Soccer Fan Runs On Field and Tries to Score Goal During Game

Soccer Fan Runs On Field and Tries to Score Goal During GameSoccer fans never cease to amaze me.  Whatever your definition of a passionate fan is, multiply it by 1000 and that’s where soccer fans live.  This video is wild because not only is the fan trying to get attention and show he’s a fan, he actually has a legitimate message he trying to get across with his action.

Not to say that his actions should be condoned, no one should ever run on the field of play during sports.  The thing is that this fan’s actions were hilarious.  Let me set the stage for you.  Indonesia was losing to Oman and apparently the Indonesians were playing terrible and giving an extremely lackluster effort.  The Indonesia fan, Hendri Mulyadi, ran on the field, dribbled the ball towards the goal, and took a decent shot.  Unfortunately for him he was punked by the Oman goalie, who easily blocked the shot.  Don’t downplay the block, since fans have been successful in scoring on goalies in the past.

The explanation for his actions?  Indonesia was playing so badly that he wanted to help.  although he is being vilified in mainstream media over there, he has become something of an online folk hero for his actions.

The man loves his team, its hard to be mad at him for that.  I’ve definitely felt like my teams could use any random guy off the street at times.

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