Special Needs Student Has Special Night For HS Basketball Team

David Chubbs Stillman

I think we are all getting sick of hearing stories about heads being cracked open.  It’s about time we had a feel-good story around here, and not the kind of feel-good story where some slightly underdog team full of millionaire professional athletes wins a big game.  This is a real deal one.  David “Chubbs” Stillman was a hero for one night, but the real heroes were his teammates who gave him the opportunity of a lifetime.

Chubbs is a special needs student at Kirkwood High School in Missouri.  He has been the team’s manager since his freshman year.  The team decided to let Chubbs not only suit up, but start the game and even get some meaningful minutes down the stretch.  The coach, Bill Gunn, had this to say about why they let Chubbs play:

“This night was planned to give back to Chubbs for all he has given us the past four years,” Kirkwood coach Bill Gunn said. “He made the night special.”

Not only was Chubbs on the floor, however, he hit two huge threes.  One of those threes was at the buzzer to end the game although that came after the game was already won.  The first that he hit midway through the 4th was when the game was still in contention.

You know this was immensely special and important to Chubbs and its great to see this kind of compassion and heart in sports.  Hopefully more stories like this will be forthcoming in the future.

Hat Tip – [MoSports.com]

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