Hockey Brawl Cuts Game Short; Sets Record For Penalty Minutes

Hockey Brawl Cuts Game ShortThe KHL, or Kontinental Hockey League, is not exactly the cream of the crop when it comes to hockey leagues.  This Russian league generally takes on all players, be bad NHL players or over-the-hill ones.  That being said, the fights in this league look spectacular, way crazier than what we see here in the states.  Take a look at these videos of Jaromir Jagr and other former NHL players you might recognize duking it out in an all-team brawl.

After the first fight, there were a bunch of penalties handed out, but play resumed.  After the second fight more penalties were handed out but somehow play resumed.  The third fight ended with pretty much every player being ejected and neither team having enough players left to take the ice, so the game was called off.  By the way, this all happened within the first 4 minutes of the game, although I’m pretty sure the fans don’t feel cheated.  They got to see a great brawl.

The background for this fight is that the two teams, Avangard Omsk and Vityaz Chekhov, had some bad blood during warmups that spilled over into the game:

It was established as a fact that during pre-game warm-ups Vityaz’s Darcy Verot(notes) intentionally shot a puck at Avangard’s Lasse Kukkonen(notes). Right after that happened, Alexander Svitov(notes) decided to stand up for his teammate and some pushing and shoving and word exchanges occurred. Team coaches managed to calm their players down with referees handing out warnings. [Puck Daddy]

You know its bad if it starts in warmups.  The league is obviously investigating the incident and has already handed out a number of fines and suspensions.  Apparently the KHL feels that Vityaz is mostly to blame for instigating the brawl.  At least no one got knocked out or seriously injured I guess.

Hat Tip Video – [Puck Daddy]

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