Italian Announcer Goes Crazy after His Team Scores (Video)

Italian Announcer Goes Crazy after His Team ScoresI am a huge sports fan, I mean so are many of you as well.  You know the joy and elation that you feel during a great sports moment.  That moment when your team finally wins the title, or even just a big game.  Well whatever emotion you think you feel, multiply it by 1000, then put lipstick on it and bend it over, and then you have some idea of what this Italian soccer announcer is feeling in this video.

Inter Milan had an amazing come from behind victory over Siena on Saturday, and I’m sure Italian soccer fans worldwide were going crazy over it.  This guy took it to an epic level.  I don’t think i have ever seen anyone celebrate like this before.  Sure fans celebrating a World Series days after its won is one thing, but the level of intensity and screaming this guy experienced for such a prolonged time is unreal.

If you watch the entire video, make sure not to best arguably the best part, which is the random old guys dancing around in the studio after the second goal.  I’m not sure what anyone is saying, but I don’t think my inability to speak Italian is the reason, but instead the mayhem that is going on.