Ravens Fan Runs Through Electric Dog Fence In Celebration

Ravens Fan Runs Through Electric Dog Fence In CelebrationThat Ravens playoff win was great.  There’s nothing like a gritty, physical, defensive-minded time upsetting an offensive powerhouse in the NFL playoffs.  It confirms what us blue-collar NFL fans always believe: great defense will prevail over great offense.  One Ravens fan was way more excited than anyone else over the victory.

For some crazy reason this fan claimed that he would run through the electric dog fence surrounding his property if the Ravens upset the Patriots.  I guess this celebration was less disruptive than running on the field.  Usually when you make a bet in support of your favorite team, you don’t get punished when they win.  I know things are bad in Baltimore, but this is a little over the top.  And worse yet, the probable scenario is that there was no bet at all.  He probably just said “If the Ravens win I’ll be so excited I will run through my electric dog fence”.  That’s a fine statement in the heat of the moment, but no one actually expects you to do that.  I mean I always say I would kill for a Cubs world series, but if they won you wouldn’t see me running around wielding a gun.  He should take a swig out of the Bills beer bong and chill out.

Hopefully this goofball promises some other crazy thing if the Ravens are able to upset the Colts in the next round.  I’ll cheer for the Ravens just for an opportunity to see him jump off a building or something.

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