Bob Knight Thinks Gatorade Is a Performance-Enhancing Drink

Bob KnightEveryone and their brother has an opinion on Mark McGwire’s admission that he used steroids during his baseball career. That even includes old grumpy, former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight.

Speaking about PED usage on ESPN, Knight had this to say:

“I have a different approach to performance-enhancing drugs than a lot of people do. My question is, Who decides what can be used and what can’t be used, and on what basis is that decision made? You know, Gatorade is a performance-enhancing substance. It replaces electrolytes in the human body that are used up through extreme exercise. So I’ve always had a really skeptical approach to all this performance-enhancing stuff.”

Is Knight brilliantly just hawking the Gatorade product? Doubtful. More likely is that he is starting to lose some of his marbles. If you seriously need an explanation as to why HGH and anabolic steroids are different than a tasty drink that’s dumped on coaches during victory celebrations, you need help. More help than anyone out there can give you.

Coach Knight wants to know who decides such things like what is and isn’t a PED. Well, a drink that is available at every gas station on earth is probably not a PED. Also, if you need a needle to inject into your system, it probably isn’t a legal substance. Let’s let Coach Knight chew on that for a spell. We don’t want to overload his system with information.

Hat Tip – [FanHouse]

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