Bubba Watson’s Awesome Trick Golf Shot (Video)

Bubba Watson’s Awesome Trick Golf ShotThis is the equivalent of the Michael Jordan/Larry Bird “Nothing But Net” commercials from back in the day. But instead of doing his trick shot on a golf course, the PGA’s Bubba Watson uses his palatial estate to have some fun and wow us with his tremendous golf skill. He even throws in a hilarious surprise ending.

Not many millionaire pro golfers would go running and jumping in there like that. Seems these days some of them are jumping into bed with women other than their wives or getting advice from noted loons like Ron Artest. We can only hope that guys like Bubba get some of the many endorsement deals that are being taken away from Tiger. Besides, Bubba is a long hitter himself. As a rookie in 1996, Bubba led the PGA Tour in driving distance.

Hat Tip Video – [Devil Ball Golf]

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