David Beckham Loves Showing You His Undies

David Beckham Loves Showing You His UndiesWe’ll call this one for the ladies but really — enough already, David Beckham. We get it. You like to show us your underwear. Yet again David Beckham was caught with his pants down (Insert Tiger Woods joke here) at a recent soccer match.

The AC Milan midfielder changed his shorts against Juventus FC in Italy on Sunday, although no one is exactly sure why. We know that Milan won the game, but we’re pretty sure that you take your shirt off to celebrate a goal or victory, not your drawers. Plus, you do that after the game, not while there is still plenty of time left on the clock.

Maybe Beckham is just bored with it all and is having his own private race: number of tattoos versus the number of times he can be seen in public with his pants down.

Hat Tip Image – [FanHouse]

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