Gilbert Arenas Better Eat His Wheaties (Because He Won’t Be On the Box)

Gilbert Arenas Better Eat His Wheaties

Those high school yearbook proclamation’s never turn out like people think, do they? Consider Gilbert Arenas, aka Agent Zero.

Gilbert has found success and trouble in many different ways since his high school days. But it looks like he’ll never get to fulfill that senior year prediction from his classmates of “Most Likely to Be On a Wheaties Box”. Even though Arenas has some good explanations for the whole gun incident, the only way he gets on the box now is if they start a special edition for the Washington Penal League. Or maybe the All-NBA Banned edition.

How will Arenas spend his days now that he has been suspended from the league? Maybe we’ll find him at a local park getting in some one on one games with Dwight Schrute. More likely we’ll find him at his attorney’s office. Looks as if the Wizards are trying to void the remainder of Arenas’ huge contract. And he not only broke NBA rules by bringing guns into the arena, he also violated Washington, D.C. ordinances.

You can’t really blame the Wiz for wanting out of the deal. Arenas hasn’t played in 80 games in a season since 2005-06. That’s many years and millions of dollars ago. If he doesn’t get reinstated and play again this year, Arenas will have played a grand total of 47 games over the last 3 seasons. Hibachi? Not.

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