Drunk Redneck Pisses On and Sets Fire to Lane Kiffin Gear

Drunk Redneck Pisses On and Sets Fire to Lane Kiffin GearThis video is extremely not safe for work.  As a disclaimer for the video, I just want to make sure you all see exactly what is going on here.  Some Tennessee fan, understandably upset about Kiffin’s defection to USC, has taken it upon himself to personally create this video of him disrespecting Lane Kiffin.  Note the giant, nearly-empty handle of some sort of liquor that appears in most of the video.  The foul mouth and anger this guy has is most likely alcohol-fueled, but you still have to admire his passion for being so angry.  He’s not quite Bob Knight angry, but he isn’t Buddha either.

Lane Kiffin, embroiled in controversy at Tennessee since day 1, has decided to take the USC job that Pete Carroll recently vacated.  Tennessee fans are outraged at this move by Kiffin and have come to think of him as some kind of traitor.  I can understand that on some level, but the drunken angry threats and the ridiculous string of cursing seems a bit overboard.

All that being said, it is really fun to watch this guy just go off on his Lane Kiffin t-shirt.  While rattling off every profanity known to man, he pees on the shirt, then takes it outside and sets up a nice little fire with the pissed on shirt and a picture of good old Lane.

Hat Tip – [Buster Sports]

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