Matt Bradley Moves in and Fights for Alex Ovechkin (Video)

Matt Bradley Moves in and Fights for Alex OvechkinWhile you see a lot of fighting in hockey, you rarely see the big stars dropping their gloves on the ice.  During the Lightning-Capitals game last night, however, Alexander Ovechkin got into it with Steve Downie.  Ovi is generally known more for his skill on the ice and his antics off it, but last night was different.  Initially both Ovechkin and Downie got into a minor scuffle where both threw some punches but it was broken up pretty quick and they were sent to the box.  It’s worth noting that Ovechkin doesn’t look bad at all in this initial fight.

Then they both get out of the box and Downie immediately hits Ovi with his stick and basically challenges him to a fight.  Ovechkin is no wimp, so he drops his gloves and just as they are about to engage, Matt Bradley, a teammate of Ovechkin’s, comes flying out of nowhere and takes on Downie instead.  This was obviously the right move by Bradley, since you never want your star and captain to get hurt in a fight, and you always want to stand up for him.  That being said, I would have loved to see Ovi throw down for real with Downie.  I don’t think he’s a wimp at all and was clearly not afraid to mix it up.

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