School Pride + 9/11 = FAIL

School Pride + 9/11 = FAIL

Fails are always fun, but this one left me speechless.  For those of you out there who didn’t pick up on the obvious issue with this picture, I’ll clear it up for you.  What seems like an innocent sweatshirt in fact looks eerily like a plane flying into the twin towers.  And by eerily I mean identical.  In our modern society there is pretty much no way you could look at that and not be overwhelmed by the 9/11-ness of it.

What is so strange is that the officials at Edsel Ford High School allowed this sweatshirt to be printed.  The wording underneath the picture does nothing to change the reference, with the words “You can’t bring us down” plastered on the bottom.  Seriously?  They had to be doing this on purpose.  Perhaps in some misdirected sense of what would motivate the high school football team, the school felt this 9/11 message would motivate the team.  I mean, they definitely did not consider whether it would be appropriate, because the answer is obviously no.

This is an epic fail and whoever let this through should be disciplined somehow.  Or….they should be allowed to take over the promotional department for the NBA.  At least that would keep everyone’s attention off of the guns, drugs and violence.

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