Bigfoot Beats Down Bolduc During Canucks-Wild Game (Video)

Bigfoot Beats Down Bolduc During Canucks-Wild GameOh you thought I meant the real bigfoot?  Well not exactly, but if you watch this video you could easily get confused.  During last night’s Canucks-Wild game, the Wild took firm control of the game in the 3rd period, jumping out to a 5-2 lead.  While the game was clearly out of reach for the Canucks in terms of stealing a win, apparently they felt that they could exact their vengence in other ways, instigating 3 fights in the period.  None was as fun to watch as the one between Alexandre Bolduc and John Scott (bigfoot).

The Canucks were clearly frustrated, with Vancouver’s Darcy Hordichuck fighting Derek Boogaard just moments before the Bolduc-Scott clash.  Minnesota’s Shane Hnidy and Vancouver’s Tanner Glass also fought in the period.  The best fight between Bolduc and Scott was the most fun and a huge mismatch.  Scott is about 6’8″ and just looks like a behemoth out there.  Bolduc had balls to challenge him, but not much smarts if he thought he stood a chance.  Scott just used his huge reach advantage to hold Bolduc off while pummeling him in the face.  At least Bolduc fought his own battle I guess.

The fight, and the game, did not end well for Bolduc.  I’m sure he’ll think twice before wandering into the Minnesota wilderness and challenging a Yeti to a fistfight.

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