Buckeyes Mark Titus Makes Hilarious Basketball Video

Buckeyes Mark Titus Makes Hilarious Basketball VideoIf you haven’t heard of Mark Titus, he is the proprietor of the popular blog “Club Trillion: Life views from the end of the bench”.  He is the last man on the bench for the Ohio State Buckeyes and while his blog is supposed to be about being a 12th man, it revolves more around his daily life.  The kid is hilarious and to honor the 2,000,000th hit on his site, he decided to publish this ridiculous video.

In the video, Titus jokingly sets out to prove that he isn’t just window dressing at the end of the bench.  He claims he is actually good at basketball, and in all honesty he proves it pretty well.  I mean the guy isn’t LeBron James or anything, but this is impressive.  Albeit, making three-pointers while on a stationary exercise bike won’t serve you all that well in a real game, but the kid does have range and can dunk the ball.  The only thing stopping this kid from being a legitimate role player is that he appears to be slower than sin, not to mention that he is short and white.

Trick shots alone are fun, but the goofy messages about sportsmanship, hustle, and leadership make the video really funny and a must-see.  Unfortunately Titus is graduating after this year, but based on his cleverness and sense of humor, I have a feeling we’ll be hearing from him again.

Hat Tip Video – [The Dagger]

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