New Axe Product Cleans Your Dirty Balls (Video)

New Axe Product Cleans Your Dirty BallsNot those balls…well, kind of those balls.  Depends how you interpret this hilarious commercial.  Axe has gone all out with this one, and I’m pretty sure that you won’t be seeing this commercial on TV during primetime.  Although other commercials have gone overboard with the sex innuendos, this one is on a whole new level.  Like goop on the leg new level.  Its not, how do you say it, “appropriate”.  It does however include Jaime Pressly and another very attractive woman holding, cleaning and talking about balls.  It’s clearly a winner.

In the commercial, Pressly is introduced as “ex-tennis phenom Monica Blake”.  You may remember Jaime Pressly as the hot actress from the TV show My Name is Earl or any of her other movies and shows.  She comes out and starts to explain how great the Axe Detailer is.  Now I’m not entirely sure if this product is real or not, but the commercial sells it well.  It sort of looks like a scrubber you would use to clean a car or something, but it is in fact a heavy sort of loofa for cleaning your balls.

She uses it on a variety of balls; soccer, golf, etc.  The obvious double meaning is that it should be used to clean a guy’s own balls.  The best part is when she cleans the old man’s old dirty balls.  I hope this commercial makes it to TV somehow.

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