Oops! Soccer Goalie Falls on Head During Routine Play

Soccer Goalie Falls on Head During Routine PlayThis video is one of those embarrassing things that I’m sure this goalie wishes would just disappear.  Unfortunately for him, the internet and his aching neck will probably not let him or anyone else forget it for quite some time.  What seems like easy plays for goalies don’t always end up working out that way.

The Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament is taking place right now, and Mozambique is taking part in it.  Joao Rafael Kapango, Mozambique’s goalie, was moving in to pick up a routine ball coming at him.  Although there was another opposing player coming towards him, there was really no explanation for why Kapango left his feet.  Leaning forward and leaving your feet will generally land you square on your head, which is exactly what happened to the unfortunate Kapango.

Honestly, I don’t know if Mozambique won or really any details about this Africa Cup of Nations tourney, but if it keeps churning out ridiculous bloopers like this one, I will definitely be back for more.  I’m hoping for some sort of backflipping, somersaulting display by a goalie in the next game.  By the way, this doesn’t exactly reflect well on the state of African soccer, does it?

Hat Tip Video – [With Leather]

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