World Cup Stab-Proof Vests on Sale Now! No Joke

World Cup Stab-Proof Vests on Sale Now

Soccer is not a game for the faint of heart.  I mean yeah, I’m talking about playing it, but mostly I’m talking about even being interested in it.  Everyone knows soccer fans are nuts and have a tendency to riot when they get upset, and the last thing anyone wants is to actually bleed to death when they get stabbed at one of these.  Thankfully, getting stabbed can go from life-threatening to fun in just one easy step!  All you need to do is put on your new team-branded stab-proof vest and you’ll be ready for any kind of soccer riot that comes your way.

This is not a joke.  You can really purchase these stab-vests that will protect you from a stabbing by fellow soccer hooligans.  And on top of that, what better way to provoke the fans of your hated rivals than to wear your colors and flag on the vest.  It’s almost like saying “hey, come stab me” without all those annoying words and conversation.

Soccer fans are nuts and in general I would recommend that everyone wears one of these to the World Cup this summer in South Africa, even if you have no intention of participating in a riot.

Hat Tip – [Sports By Brooks] via [PROTEKTORVEST]

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