Danica Patrick is Weird Science (Super Bowl Commercial)

Danica Patrick is Weird Science

After I saw Weird Science for the first time, I dreamt that I could get a hot 80’s babe to come make me feel good about myself.  After seeing the latest Danica Patrick, GoDaddy.com, 80’s-styled commercial, I was instantly reminded of Weird Science and all the things I’d do for a skimpily clad Danica P. lookalike to bust through my bedroom door and tell me buying funny domain names isn’t such a bad thing.Yes, I’ve been watching this Danica Patrick commercial on repeat for several hours hoping it’ll come true.  The commercial is a pre-released Super Bowl ad for GoDaddy.com and if you don’t know what Weird Science is or who Danica Patrick is then you have a couple things to brush up on this weekend.  For Danica, all you really need to know is that she’s the first woman to win the Indy 500 NASCAR race and she is attractive.

These GoDaddy ads leave a lot to be desired.  Of course, it never hurts to have the gorgeous 27-year old driver wearing anything less than the regularly stuffy looking NASCAR jackets.  It also beats her signing men’s boobies in said jackets.

Enjoy the commercial, but I ask that you act surprised when you see it during the Super Bowl– we don’t want to get in trouble.

[H/T From the Marbles]

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