Felony Not Funny; Gilbert Arenas Reaches Guilty Plea Deal

arenasIf there’s ever been a more bizarre NBA story in recent memory, I don’t know what it is.  The evolution of the Gilbert Arenas gun story was almost as ridiculous as the story itself.  What started as a random NBA investigation into Arenas having guns in the locker room, simply because he didn’t want them at his house with his kids, spiraled out of control and into a rumored wild wild west showdown between him and one of his teammates over a gambling debt.

As the next couple weeks passed, more details emerged and the story got crazier.  Arenas, making light of the situation at every given opportunity (Twitter, post-game interviews, and pre-game huddles), did not actually draw a gun on his teammate, but was supposedly held at gun point by his, Javaris Crittenton.  And for the sake of adding one more twist,  Arenas denied it, protecting Crittenton from any trouble, even though the rumors suggested his intent was worse in nature.

On Thursday, just a little over a week since David Stern suspended Arenas indefinitely for being unfit to play,  Gilbert Arenas was charged with a felony for possessing guns without a license outside the home or business.  According to various reports, Gilbert will plead guilty as part of a deal that could save him from going to jail.

Authorities will continue to investigate Javaris Crittenton, but it seems he might be getting off scott free.  Meanwhile, the Wizards have basically disowned the All-Star guard, removing any images or paraphernalia of his from the stadium.  It hardly sounds fair, but there’s a decent interwove lesson in all of this: you can’t dick around with guns like it’s a big fucking joke.  Crittenton took it seriously, Stern came down “mean”, and now it’s in the court’s hands to reiterate just how serious this all is.

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