Girl Rubs Her Boobs on Glass During Hockey Game (Video)

Girl Rubs Her Boobs on Glass During Hockey Game

One of the perks that comes with sitting  front row at a hockey game is banging on the glass as the players skate past.  The boards also serve as an applause device, so any time something is worth cheering for, you can bang your little palms out on the glass.  It’s louder and it’s a good way to try and get the attention of your favorite players.  Well, if I had glass seats at this Ottawa Senators/Montreal Canadiens game, I would have been pounding on the glass in applause for the gratuitous pair of melons I would have seen.

As the final seconds ticked off the clock of the second period, a young puma stood up in her front row seats and started waving mercilessly, announcing the imminent presence of her loins.  Waving and shrieking wasn’t working to get everyone’s attention and she wasn’t willing to break her nails slapping the glass, so she went ahead with the ultimate attention grabber: show the players just how cold it was sitting so close to the ice.

Yes, you read into that correct.  The most nudity at a hockey game since Cuba Gooding Jr. Unfortunately, you can’t see from the video, but you’re more than welcome to hit up your favorite ‘leisure’ site after.

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