Oh! The OHL! Zack Kassian Huge Hit on Matt Kennedy (Video)

Zack Kassian Huge Hit on Matt Kennedy

I’m more of an NHL guy, if  I don’t say so myself, but I never would have thought the OHL could provide so much theater… and compelling brutality!   The top two teams in the league, the Barrie Colts and Windsor Spitfires, found themselves in the middle of a vicious cock-fight on Thursday, making rabid OHL fans pray they were witnessing a future Finals’ match up between the two teams.

The drama took place a little more than halfway through the 2nd period when a Buffalo Sabres first round draft pick, Zack Kassian, left the ice and laid a vicious hit on Barrie’s Matt Kennedy, who was oblivious to the oncoming skater.  If this was Sega Genesis, Kennedy’s little head would have been bleeding.

Unfortunately, there was hardly any time to marvel over the (dirty) hit because a fight immediately broke out in an attempt to defend young Kennedy’s honor.   The fight was entertaining, too but the real damage was already done — Kennedy got knocked the eff out.

It did wake the Colts, though.  Kassian, who scored Windsor’s first goal, was forced to hit the showers and Barrie wound up scoring four goals to defeat the Spitfires, 4-2.  What might be even bigger is that Kassian could be suspended for a number of games as a result of this hit, increasing Barrie’s odds of finishing atop the league in points.

Here’s the video (shield your pets) :

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